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A chance for remission.
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Complete remission is possible after mantle cell lymphoma resists treatment

TECARTUS is the first and only CAR T-cell therapy for adults with mantle cell lymphoma. It may be an option when your cancer resists or returns after your first treatment.

In a clinical study of 60 patients with mantle cell lymphoma who had experienced other treatment failures, TECARTUS helped 62% (37 out of 60) of patients achieve complete remission and 25% (15 out of 60) of patients achieve partial remission. Overall, 87% (52 out of 60) of patients saw a decrease in cancer.

TECARTUS uses your own immune system to fight mantle cell lymphoma

TECARTUS is different than other cancer medicines because it is made from your own white blood cells, which have been modified to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

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Learn about remission with TECARTUS

How to get started when you’re considering TECARTUS


Download the patient brochure

The patient brochure includes information about TECARTUS and how the treatment process works. Review with your oncologist to discuss if TECARTUS is an option for you.

Download TECARTUS Patient Brochure


Find an oncologist with TECARTUS experience

TECARTUS is available at Authorized Treatment Centers where medical staff is thoroughly trained and equipped to provide this type of therapy. Oncologists at Authorized Treatment Centers have the most experience with CAR T-cell therapy and are your most informed option for discussing TECARTUS.

Find an Authorized Treatment Center

Get help arranging treatment

The Kite Konnect® support team is committed to assisting you throughout the TECARTUS treatment process. For help finding an Authorized Treatment Center, to discuss your options, or for information about the support resources that may be available to you, call Kite Konnect at 1‑844‑454‑KITE [5483], Monday–Friday, 5 AM–6 PM PT. Kite Konnect® Logo